Objectives of the Foundation:

(1) To preserve the natural character of the rivers of Canada. To encourage the citizens of Canada to visit the rivers and to obtain access to the rivers for them.

(2) To support an educational goal, a socio-recreational goal and an environmental goal. To find strategies, tools, activities and operations for reaching these goals.

(3) To distribute information and tools to local and regional citizen committees, the government and schools concerning the rivers and their eco-system and animal life as it relates to human development.

(4) To conceive, develop and promote tools to educate the general public, especially the young, using visuals, television, film documentaries, printed documents and computers, among other means.

(5) To present and discuss ideas, including alternate income producing uses for rivers, such as recreation, and alternative energy production sources, such as wind power, with local residents, government officials and the media. To help local and regional committees to protect their own rivers by providing funding and personal assistance.

(6) To seek to develop public projects around the rivers through donations, subsidies or grants, including parks and their protection, walking trails and access easements for canoeing, kayaking and other recreational activities.

(7) To safeguard the rivers by having the banks and riverbeds of each declared a “blue” area, which requires administrative approval of all changes to the area.

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